The problem is that the pipes should be:
– large, but lasting,
– lasting, but light,
– light, but large.

To solve these contradictions, we replaced the solid wall of the pipe in the form of a flat plate on the wall of a pipe from a hollow profile.

  • The hollow profile is stronger than a plate of the same width and mass many times (see graph).
  • Pipes and sections from the hollow profile are stronger many times with the same mass or many times lighter with the same strength.
  • We can make of composite profiles polyhedral composite pipes and sections of any size and any shape.


  • Because of this, no one makes fiberglass rectangular sections, and the pipes and curved sections do not exceed 4 meters in diameter.
немцы-секция-1 Installation of a figured composite section in a brick collector.
The wall thickness is more than 15 cm.