The problem is that the pipes should be:
– large, but lasting,
– lasting, but light,
– light, but large.

To solve these contradictions, we replaced the solid wall of the pipe in the form of a flat plate on the wall of a pipe from a hollow profile.

  • The hollow profile is stronger than a plate of the same width and mass many times (see graph).
  • Pipes and sections from the hollow profile are stronger many times with the same mass or many times lighter with the same strength.
  • We can make of composite profiles polyhedral composite pipes and sections of any size and any shape.


  • Before our proposal, there was only one solution – to produce fiberglass pipes, sections and tanks with a solid wall.
  • Large diameter fiberglass pipes and tanks are manufactured by Beetle Plastics, Hengshui Fangchen, Diamond Fiberglass, HeBei ShengWei JiYe FRP Group, Plasticon Canada Inc., Plastichem Limited, SARPLAST SA, Smithline Reinforced Composites and many others.
  • Many companies make fiberglass sections for the trenchless repair of underground sewer collectors of round and shaped section. But with a large cross-section and high strength from the external load, the required thickness of their wall becomes huge, and this is a large weight and very large material consumption. Because of this, no one makes fiberglass rectangular sections, and pipes, tanks and figured sections make no more than 4 meters in cross-section and usually of little strength.