Having a large selection of direct hollow composite profiles used for the production of polyhedral composite pipes and sections (PCPS), we can produce them with any given strength of each of the sides and the entire PCPS as a whole; This reaching due to the correct choice of the cross-sectional, shape and wall thickness of the profiles used for the production of PCPS.

Direct hollow composite profiles located in PCPS mainly in the transverse direction, parallel or at an angle to the cross-section of the PCPS, they provide greater transverse and lower longitudinal strength.

If necessary, provide additional strength in the longitudinal direction to the transverse elements are added longitudinal elements of direct composite profiles of solid or hollow section. Longitudinal direct composite profiles can run inside the body of PCPS faces in order not to increase the dimensions of the cross-section.

If necessary, provide additional strength PCPS in the longitudinal direction and twisting, to the transverse and longitudinal elements, are added diagonal elements from direct composite profiles of the solid or hollow cross-section.

Combining the number and location of these elements, the size of their cross-sections and wall thickness can be obtained PCPS with any strength characteristics using the same equipment and production technology.